Welcome To Antenna Workshop III



Welcome To Antenna Workshop III, a web site devoted to the Radio Hobbyist.  This web site is as a guide for those who plan to use or operate Ham Radios, Short-wave Equipment, or other Communications Devices and those who wish to improve the performance of their present systems.  Antenna experimentation offers a unique opportunity to make the hobbyist more than an "store bought appliance operator."  All you need is some wire, insulators, trees or telescopic poles and a willingness to experiment. Based on the ever popular software which inspired this web site, Antenna Workshop and Antenna Workshop II.

The Dipole Antenna Broadband Beam
Vertical 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Short 'V' Beam
Vertical 1/2 Wave Ground Plane  
Vertical 5/8 Wave Ground Plane  
Vertical 3/4 Wave Ground Plane  
Vertical 1-1/4 Wave Ground Plane  
Single Quad Loop  
Delta Quad Loop  
Quad Beam Antenna  
Inverted V Dipole  
Inverted V Beam Antenna